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  • Atracción La Venganza del Enigma | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción La Venganza del Enigma | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción La Venganza del Enigma | Parque Warner Madrid


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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
132 cm

It is one of the highest rides in the world and there is no other in Europe that exceeds it in height: we are talking about the Venganza del Enigma, and it is in Warner Park Madrid.

Enter the area of Super Heroes World and go directly to the park of Gotham City, there you can have a break from so much adrenalin and enjoy the most impressive view of the whole park… Right from the sky. This extremely intense mechanical ride, the symbol of the Warner Park, is even visible from 50 kilometres around. Will you be able to open your eyes on the way up?

Its design is based on a terrifying contraption of the evil Edward Nigma (popularly known as Enigma, as his crimes are related with puzzles, riddles and tests of logic). The Venganza del Enigma ride stands high above everything at 115 metres. Its carriages reach up to 100 metres in height to then plunge downwards, reaching a speed of 80 km/h.

From the top of the tower you can perfectly hear the whistling of the wind at such a height. And the best thing about it is being able to clearly see the city of Madrid! A ride for the bravest of visitors, the only of its kind in Europe: build up the courage and try it for yourself!

Did you know...?

This controlled drop works in three different ways, and it changes over the course of the day with three large power compressors: these make each tower work independently. The force of the launch depends on the weight that the gondola holds in each launch, as a ride that works with air that is compressed and expands at high speeds.

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