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  • Los Coches de Choque de El Joker | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Los Coches de Choque de El Joker | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Los Coches de Choque de El Joker | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Los Coches de Choque de El Joker | Parque Warner Madrid


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Minimum Height
140 cm
Minimum Height Accompanied
105 cm

GOTHAM is a dangerous city, where criminals are on the run, like The JOKER. Colourful and topsy-turvy, he is without doubt one of the most iconic villains in history: you will recognise him with his unnerving smile and painted face.

This ride in SUPER HEROES WORLD, at the Warner Park Madrid, reproduces some of the most unnerving places in GOTHAM CITY: a gloomy circuit located inside a building where you have to drive your own car.

The JOKER'S Coches de Choque is a ride for the whole family, a classic in the world of theme parks, in this case themed with the inspiration of the dark universe of the Batman comic. For the duration of the journey, you can hear the original soundtrack playing for the two films inspired by this superhero: “Batman” (1989) and “Batman Returns” (1992), by Tim Burton.

Did you know...?

The electric current is transmitted to the cars on the floor of the same circuit used for the bumper cars, which has three different lighting settings, depending on the time of day. In this sense, this ride stands apart from typical bumper car rides.

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