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  • Atracción acuática Oso Yogui | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción acuática Oso Yogui | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción acuática Oso Yogui | Parque Warner Madrid


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Minimum Height
130 cm
Minimum Height Accompanied
100 cm

Do you want to accompany YOGUI Bear and Bubu in the most refreshing adventure? Come to Movie World Studios, where you will find a ride suitable for the whole family, and so much fun! The two friends walk through Jellystone Park, but they have decided to go on holiday to French Polynesia. Until you reach the beaches of Polynesia where our friends can be found, you are going to enjoy the snow of the legendary park in the height of summer...

Along the way, aboard spectacular boats made of logs, you will be able to visit the most attractive parts of the natural park where YOGUI Bear gets up to his old tricks. But be careful, as the boats are very well equipped: water pistols mean that you might have a very wet and entertaining journey. Wait and see how much you laugh! And if you get wet, don't worry, you can always have the chance to get your revenge!

YOGUI Bear is a family water ride at Warner Park, located in front of the famous Stunt Fall roller coaster.

Attraction is open subject to weather conditions.

Did you know...?

The Yogi Bear ride was the first one of these characteristics to be opened to the public in Spain. The key is to shoot the targets and that way you'll be able to protect yourself from the jets of water and you won't get wet!

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