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DC Super Heroes World | Parque Warner Madrid
Welcome to the DC Super Héroes World

Superheroes with superpowers, superhero humans, villains and enemies... They are the foundation on which the DC Superhéroes World has been built, the most spectacular areas of the Warner Park Madrid. In the space of a few squared metres, you will travel taking steps from Metrópolis to Gotham City. Two major cities, two protagonists and the same fate: the fight against evil. Fans of Superman™ and Batman™ have a must-see experience awaiting them in the thematic area which proudly starts with the recreation of the impressive façade of the Daily Planet.  Is it a bird, is it a plane...? It's a newspaper, but not any old headline: it's the same one as the human alter ego of Superman, Clark Kent, has in his role as a journalist in this large city.

Typewriters, cameras, front pages with the great deeds of the krypton superhero… Before you know it, you will be aboard Superman™: La Atracción de Acero, one of the highlights at the park. Its trajectory impresses us from the very front of the enclosure, as well as the screams of those on board riding in small trains with no floor, who for a duration of the ride that lasts two minutes, enjoy an authentic Superman™ adventure! Seven loops and several steep drops only recommended for the bravest of visitors. You will then discover an interesting exhibition formed of some of the most memorable DC Comic covers (dating back to 1949 and to date).

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