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Hollywood Boulevard | Parque Warner Madrid
Discover Hollywood Boulevard

Walking along Hollywood Boulevard, in the Parque Warner Madrid, means paying tribute to some of the most famous film stars from the last decades: from Gary Cooper to Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, Ingrid Bergman, Morgan Freeman, Sal Mineo, Kevin Costner, Julia Roberts or Harrison Ford. A walk along the Walk of Fame that Warner Bros personalises in the form of charming tiles stamped with the image of the legendary studios. If the original Hollywood Walk of Fame (located in California) recognises the stars from the entertainment industry, in the park we put cinema in the spotlight. After all, we are a cinema park. Did you know that you can meet up with the very own Marilyn Monroe and take a photo with her?

Especially noteworthy is the Chinese Theater, an exact replica of Californian Grauman's Chinese Theater that, like this one, stands with a facade similar to a huge Chinese pagoda, and gives way to an enveloping and warm interior in which an absolute red floods the hall, corridors and the huge room where you will enjoy some of the best adventures in 3D.

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