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Conditions for access to PARQUE Warner 

  • The entrance to Parque Warner must be purchased at retail outlets licensed by Parque Warner. Information on the different types of tickets and bonuses, fees, promotions and conditions are available on the official website of Parque Warner ( and at the box office park and other authorized outlets.
  • The entrance to Parque Warner entitled to enjoy the rides and shows as many times as desired by the visitor, always following the internal rules of the park. Also, only by showing the input / output rate of the day at the park, visitors can apply for a label that will allow you to leave the premises and re-enter on the same day.
  • The visitor must keep their entry throughout the stay, as staff may at any time exhibition. Any person who does not have a corresponding entry, may be expelled from Parque Warner.
  • Promotions and discounts in Parque Warner are not cumulative, except for those whose conditions expressly provided for.
  • Misuse of any annual pass or season pass entitles Parque Warner to proceed with removal.
  • Parque Warner reserves the right of admission to the park facilities, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions. Parque Warner may be expelled from its facilities to visitors who violate legal or regulatory provisions and the internal rules of the park and, in any case, always performing behaviors that disturb other visitors, alter the order and / or risk to own physical or other visitors in using the attractions or facilities integrity, all in accordance with laws and regulations. In case of expulsion for any of these reasons, there will be entitled to reimbursement of the input.
  • Access to Parque Warner carrying firearms, white and sharp objects is strictly prohibited. Also, the entrance to the park with narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is prohibited. The possession of such objects and substances, as well as the consumption or sale of the latter inside the park, will result in expulsion without refund of entry and without prejudice to the appropriate legal measures to be taken where appropriate.
  • For the sake of living, health and safety, not be allowed to enter Parque Warner:
  1.  With food or drink;
  2.  With portable fridge, baskets or trolley;
  3.  With animals;
  4.  Skates, scooters, bicycles, or other similar objects that may pose a risk to visitors;
  5.  With sound equipment that may disturb other visitors.
  • To ensure safety and correct coexistence within the park, the duly authorized staff of Parque Warner may inspect backpacks, handbags, bags or other luggage in the cases and within the terms established by law.
  • Strollers and wheelchairs for rental may not leave the premises of the park.
  • Parque Warner is not responsible for lost anywhere in your facility objects.
  • hawking or resale of products within the enclosure is not allowed.
  • For reasons of capacity, Parque Warner may suspend ticket sales in those cases in which, in response, among other circumstances, facilities and attractions available at the time, it is expected that the excessive influx of public may hinder the operational right of park and / or may prevent visitors fully enjoy the facilities in normal conditions and safety.
  • According to the law, smoking is prohibited in all areas covered within the grounds of Parque Warner and in all spaces within said reciento where even being outdoors, are marked as non-smoking areas.

Terms of Use of Parking

  • The ticket to the car park of Parque Warner is acquired at the desk of parking. Parking fees and performance standards are available on the official website of Parque Warner ( exposed and visible for all our visitors before entering the car park at the entrance to it.
  • The entrance ticket entitles the parking lot of a single vehicle throughout the day of issue of the ticket, from opening to closing facilities of the same.
  • There are vacancies for person with disability, motorcycles and caravans, which are properly marked.
  • Parque Warner has a "Parking Covered" whose use and exploitation by visitors is subject to availability as these are limited.
  • Parque Warner reserves the right to remove the vehicle from parking and move off-site, in case it was parked improperly or if the closing time of parking the vehicle had not been withdrawn by the holder and remain in the enclosure, the expenses in both cases by the owner of the vehicle.
  • Parque Warner is not liable for damage or theft of the existing objects inside the parked vehicle, remain the responsibility of the owner to remove the non-fixed and removable accessories for vehicles and other purposes, objects or goods brought into the vehicle .

Conditions of Use of the park, its attractions, games and shows

  • To ensure the safety of all visitors, the use of the attractions is subject to certain age restrictions and tall and requires certain physical and mental conditions, as shown in the posters on display in each. If the visitor can not enjoy some of the attractions be applicable any of these restrictions, this will not be entitled to reimbursement of the input.
  • Attractions, games and shows have their own terms of use, which have been prepared for the benefit and safety of visitors, so it must be respected at all times. It is not allowed to use cameras of any kind or "selfie sticks" in the attractions.
  • It is forbidden to drink, eat or smoke during use of the attractions, as well as in other areas of the enclosure where expressly indicated that prohibition.
  • For greater enjoyment of visitors, it is recommended to carry a proper attire, being required at all times, for reasons of health, safety and respect for other users, bring the torso covered and properly go footwear.
  • Leading off the shows, you can not access them.
  • It is forbidden to bathe in the existing water bodies in the park, such as fountains, water rides or lake.
  • It is not allowed to move the furniture in the terraces of the park restaurants.
  • Photos and videos made by visitors shall not be used for promotional purposes.
  • Parque Warner reserves the right to make changes at scheduled times opening and closing of the park, and to suspend the operation of attractions or shows where warranted by circumstances of force majeure or exceptional, including without limitation, reasons safety, weather, technical or operational. In these cases, there will be entitled to reimbursement of input although for cases other than those of force majeure, Parque Warner will offer additional benefits to maintain economic balance of the contract in the event that it has been affected. In any case, visitors can obtain information about these exceptional changes in customer service.
  • Information Person with Disability: Entrance for people with disabilities includes a free companion at the entrance to the park. It will be necessary to present the Official Card of Persons with Disabilities (33% or higher). The companion of the person with disabilities must be the same during the visit date and must access the park at the same time as the person with disabilities.
  • Conditions of access to Parque Warner attractions: Priority access to attractions will only be valid for cases of people with intellectual disabilities or people with disabilities and reduced mobility. It will be necessary to present the Official Card of Persons with Disabilities (33% or higher) and / or Official Document where this condition is specified. An identifying bracelet will be placed that will allow unlimited access to all attractions to the person with disabilities and up to 3 companions on the day of their visit. The disabled person must always ride with his / her companions to be able to make use of priority access. The Official Card may be required in access to attractions.


General recommendations

  • If they detect any emergency or danger, please notifíquenlo park staff.
  • Faced with a situation that requires the total or partial evacuation of the facility, please follow the instructions of the park staff.
  • Do not run the facilities or make improper use of them.
  • It is mandatory whenever indications meet the park staff, as well as instructions and warnings and posters with existing recommendations on the premises.
  • Remember you are on private property, take care. As a privately owned, Parque Warner may establish and limit the exercise of those activities, beyond its control, as appropriate.
  • These rules may be modified by Parque Warner to suit the operation and functioning of the park.
  • The opening and closing hours of the attractions may vary.
  • The entrance to Parque Warner does not include access to Parque Warner Beach.
  • To make better use of his visit to Parque Warner, we recommend you plan your meal schedule, taking into account the peak hours of public restaurants and bars of the park (between 2 and 4 pm).

Conditions for access to PARQUE Warner beach

  • The entrance ticket to the Park should be retained during your stay in the Park and should be shown to park staff or security that requires it during your stay in Parque Warner Beach.
  • ​Parque Warner Beach reserves the right to ask anyone, who being inside the Park does not have the corresponding valid entry ticket and wristband, to leave the facilities.
  • Dates and opening and closing hours of the Park can be modified due to weather reasons.
  • Out of politeness and respect for others, you are not allowed to jump the queue or save a place in the queue to others.
  • Some rides, activities, restaurants, shops may be closed for technical, meteorological or organizational reasons.
  • For your safety, if you use some type of prosthesis, please contact our staff for instructions on the steps to follow.
  • For your safety, if you have a disease that can lead to a setback while staying at Parque Warner Beach, please advise our staff.
  • The entry ticket fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • For safety reasons, there are access restrictions to each of the rides either by age, size or physical condition.
  • This information is available at each ride and it is your responsibility to comply with the express requirements
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to go on any ride wearing necklaces, sunglasses, watches, earrings, rings, piercing or any metal object.
  • To preserve hygiene, politeness and respect for others, it is not allowed to bathe or use water facilities with clothing other than exclusively bathing clothes, it is not allowed to enter into the water with street clothes and children must wear a swimsuit and nappy if required.
  • Smoking is not allowed in playgrounds, but you may do so in the permitted areas (Law 25/2005 of December 26, on Sanitary Measures against smoking and regulating the sale, supply, consumption and advertising of tobacco products).
  • For hygiene reasons, you may not consume food or beverages in aquatic areas. And for reasons of hygiene and safety, it is not allowed to enter the Parque Warner Beach carrying drinks or food, being prohibited to drink, eat or smoke in the water areas, as well as in the other areas of the enclosure where expressly stated such prohibition.
  • It is not permitted to access with portable fridge, baskets or trolley.
  • Using slides with footwear is not allowed.
  • It is essential for visitors to beware of personal belongings, as Parque Warner Beach cannot be responsible for loss or damages suffered in them during your stay therein.
  • For security reasons, Parque Warner Beach reserves the right to inspect the objects of visitors at any time given that the entry of glass, cans, utensils, weapons, flammable materials and dangerous objects is not allowed.
  • We have rental lockers available to our visitors.
  • For the sake of strengthening security in our park, we are continuously testing surveillance in our facilities; this training could include the use of equipment such as rescue mannequin.
  • The actions and behaviours of an organized group are the responsibility of their monitor, tutor, teacher or group leader.
  • Children under 12 who are not accompanied by persons over 18 will not be permitted entry.
  • It is imperative that children and other people who cannot swim are always under the supervision of an adult who can swim.
  • The entry of animals (except guide dogs) is prohibited.
  • After making use a ride, you should get out and wait your turn again.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to persons less than 18 years of age.
  • The use of any drug is prohibited within the enclosure.
  • Parque Warner Beach reserves the right to refuse admission and to expel from the facilities people who contravene the rules listed above or engage in the following situations:
  1. Disruption of order caused by behaviours that disturb or affect the enjoyment of other visitors.
  2. Misuse of tickets or vouchers.
  3. People who give clear signs of being intoxicated.
  4. Committing vandalism or damage to site facilities or repeated disobedience to the instructions of the lifeguards, monitors or any other employee of the park.
  5. When leaving Parque Warner Beach, please remember to wear appropriate dress and footwear.


For further information please contact us at 912 000 792 or email:



Dear visitor:

Following the indication of the competent authorities, Parque Warner will remain closed out of consideration for the health and safety of our visitors and employees. We continue to provide regular updates through this website and social media.

Since our priority is that our visitors can enjoy the unique experiences of our park, for customers with tickets on dates with the park closed, changes will be allowed for dates on any other day in the year 2020. If you made your purchase at the box office or on the park's website, please write an email to with your ticket information for personalized management of your case. For other sales channels, please contact your distribution point directly.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and will continue to report promptly through our website and social media.