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Cookies Policy

You are hereby informed that this website (the “Website”) is owned by Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales, S.A., which has authorised cookie use by the affiliate company Madrid Theme Park Managenment, S.L.U. (hereinafter, both companies jointly, the “Data Controllers”).

This Website uses proprietary and third-party cookies and similar technologies (HTTP Cookies, Pixel Tracker and Local Shared) which store and recover user data collected as the user browses the website in order, inter alia, to obtain information on user browsing habits and to personalise how Website content is shown. The specific purposes for which these cookies and similar technologies are used on this Website are described in detail in the section of this Cookies Policy entitled “Cookies and similar technologies used by the Data Controllers through the Website”.

Nevertheless, adhering to the principle of proactive liability, the Data Controllers hereby inform you that no personal information or data is collected over this Website without providing you with the legally required notice and seeking express consent from users when necessary.

The above Data Controllers are liable for processing data obtained from this Website using proprietary cookies and similar technology. You are reminded that specific information on how your personal data will be processed is available in our Privacy Policy.


What are cookies?

Cookies and similar technologies (local shared objects, flash cookies, web beacons, bugs, etc.) are small pieces of data downloaded and stored on user devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) when users access certain apps or websites. Cookies or similar technologies are used, among other purposes, to ensure that apps and websites work properly and efficiently. Another example, inter alia, is that they enable storage and recovery of information on user or device browsing habits. Also, according to the type of information held and how devices are used, cookies or similar technologies make it possible to recognise and identify users in order to improve browsing experience and provide requested services.


What types of cookies are there?

The various kinds of cookies are identified below and classed according to the following categories:

By who manages the cookies:

  • Proprietary cookies: hese are sent to the user device or handset from equipment or from a domain managed directly by the Data Controllers and which provides the service requested by the user.
  • Third-party cookies: these are sent to the user device or handset from equipment or from a domain managed not by the Data Controllers but by another company which subsequently processes data obtained by the cookies.

When cookies are sent from equipment or from a domain managed by the Data Controllers, but information obtained is managed afterwards by a third party, these are not deemed proprietary cookies if the third party uses them for its own purposes (e.g. to improve services provided by that third party or to provide advertising services in favour of a different company).

By the length of time cookies remain active on user devices:

  • Session cookies: these are designed to collect and store data whilst users access an app or website, are generally used to store information that need only be kept to provide a service requested once by the user and are erased at the end of each session (e.g. remaining only until you close the browser and leave the site).
  • Persistent cookies: these are cookies used to keep data stored on the users device even after the end of the session and can be accessed and processed during a specific period of time by the cookie data controller. The length of time persistent cookies are kept varies between a few minutes and several years unless manually deleted by the user.

By end purpose:

  • Technical cookies (necessary): These make it possible for the user to browse an app or website and access the various options and services they provide. Technical cookies include cookies the data controller uses to manage and operate the website and to enable website functions and services e.g. to control data traffic and communication, to identify the session, to access restricted website areas, to record components of products or services, to purchase a product or service, to manage payment for these, to store content for dissemination of videos or sound, to activate dynamic content (e.g. to activate loading text or image) or to share content over social networks.
  • Preference or personalisation cookies: these allow websites to remember information so the user can access the service according to defined characteristics that differentiate the user experience from that of other users, e.g. language, the number of results shown when the user carries out a search, the appearance or content of an app or website according to the type of browser used, etc.
  • Analysis or measurement cookies: these allow the data controller of the app or website to track and analyse the behaviour of users visiting the apps or websites on which they are installed, including measuring advertising impact. Data collected by this type of cookies is used to measure activity on apps or websites in order to improve user data analysis by app or website users.
  • Advertising behaviour cookies: these store information about user behaviour, obtained from continuous observation of user browser habits. A specific profile can then be developed to show the user relevant advertising on that basis.

Pursuant to the above and bearing in mind the various types of cookies or similar technologies that exist, the Data Controllers hereby inform you that this Website does not use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about users without providing you with the legally required notice in advance and seeking express consent from users, when necessary, to install these on user devices or handsets.

Some cookies or similar technology, however, are excluded from the obligation to inform and to seek consent, if the end purpose is any described below:

  • Session or “user access” cookies: these are generally used to track user actions when completing online forms on different websites or as a trolley to record products users have selected by clicking on and saving the product.
  • Authentication or user identification cookies (just for the single session)
  • User security cookies: for example, cookies used to detect unsuccessful or repeated attempts to connect to a website.
  • Multimedia reproduction session cookies
  • Session cookies for load balancing: these are used to activate dynamic web content (activate loading of a text or image)
  • User interface personalisation cookies: direct personalisation by the user
  • Plug-in Cookies to exchange social content: for users to be able to share the content of our websites on their social network profiles.

Pursuant to the above, the Data Controllers hereby inform you that this Website uses proprietary and third-party cookies and similar technologies that do not require notification or express consent of users in advance, for the following purposes:

  • User authentication or identification cookies (just for the single session).
  • Multimedia reproduction session cookies.
  • Plug-in cookies for exchanging social content.
  • Session cookies or load balancing: used to activate dynamic website content (start loading a text or image).


Cookies and similar technologies used by the Data Controllers through the Website


How to accept, refuse or revoke consent and delete cookies

If you have already set the cookies’ management and configuration system to allow the installation of cookies and/or similar technologies Data Controllers use, you can still remove or change the configuration for cookies and similar technologies stored on your device or handset and which require your consent, at any later time. For the purpose, simply use the “Change Consent” link found under “Cookies and similar technologies used by the Data Controllers through the Website” and which forms part of this Cookies Policy or alternatively use tools provided by the same browser used to navigate this Website. If you prefer to use tools provided by your browser, please remember that the procedure for changing or removing cookies and similar technologies can vary according to browser type. Examples of direct links to the main browsers are set out below and provided by the Data Controllers, to be used at any time to change the configuration or remove cookies and similar technologies to which you previously expressly consented:

Google Chrome:


Internet Explorer:



Without prejudice to the above, you should remember that if you previously agreed to the installation of third-party cookies and/or similar technologies the procedure for removing these or for changing the configuration must be carried out using the same mechanisms provided by the browser used initially or the third party system set up for the purpose.


Underage children

Data Controllers herein use cookies or similar technologies intended for users over the age of fourteen (14).

Data Controllers do not use cookies or similar technology to collect information about any minor under the age of fourteen (14). Procedures for registering, purchasing or reserving products and services included on this Website require active users to be older than fourteen (14). An age verification field is used for the purpose on related forms.

Data Controllers cannot be held liable for outcomes if devices or handsets are used by minors under the age of fourteen (14) to browse this Website.

Without prejudice to the above, Data Controllers hereby inform minors under the age of fourteen (14) using devices or handsets to browse this Website that their parents or legal guardians must expressly accept cookies and similar technologies by in the terms set out herein.


International data transfers

Information collected by the Data Controllers through proprietary cookies and other similar technologies will not be transferred internationally to third countries.

Nevertheless, it is possible that as a result of installing third-party cookies or similar technologies, that the companies managing these could transfer data or information obtained from them internationally. For information about possible data transfers to third countries by third parties identified in the section “Cookies and similar technologies used by the Data Controllers through the Website” of this Cookies Policy, please check corresponding cookie policies on the relevant websites.


Profile preparation

Data Controllers will only use information collected using advertising behaviour cookies, with your express consent, to continually monitor your browsing habits, prepare a specific profile about you and to show you advertising adapted to your preferences and to your browsing profile related to products and services in the leisure and hotel industries and/or information on events organised by the Data Controllers. Remember you can change the cookies and similar technologies configuration at any time using the methods set out in the section “How to accept, refuse or revoke consent and delete cookies” in this Cookies Policy.

This website also uses proprietary and third-party cookies and similar technologies to store and recover data as you browse the website. The Data Controllers may only use data collected by these cookies to draw up your profile and send you marketing notices adapted to your preferences if you expressly consented to receive marketing information from the Data Controllers, by any means including electronic, about products and services related to the leisure industry, the hotel sector and/or information the Data Controllers believe may interest you based on your computer-created profile and preferences. The same applies if you have subscribed to our newsletter. Your prior consent in advance is necessary in both instances to install advertising behaviour cookies on your device or handset and the Website Data Controllers may use data collected by these cookies to create your profile and forward marketing information adapted to your preferences. To know more about how your data is processed, please carefully read this Privacy Policy


Period during which your data will be kept

For information on the expiry date of cookies and similar technologies used by this Website, please review the section “Cookies and similar technologies used by the Data Controllers through the Website” in this Cookies Policy. When cookies and similar technologies used by this Website expire, the Data Controllers will re-request your express permission before installing these on any device or handset.


Additional notes

Data Controllers accepts no liability if de-activating cookies or similar technologies prevents or hinders the Website from operating properly, nor can they guarantee whether cookies and similar technologies will be correctly or incorrectly handled by the browsers referred to in the section “How to refuse or change the configuration of previously [accepted] cookies”.

Please bear in mind that in some cases it may be necessary to install cookies or similar technology so the browser cannot forget your decision not to accept them.


Cookies Policy updates and contact details

Changes may be made to this Cookies Policy in accordance with cookies and similar technologies used by this Website.

Data Controllers recommend you review the Policy each time you access this Website to remain properly informed as to how and for what purpose we use cookies and similar technologies. By doing so you will be duly aware of any changes to the type of data collected and the end purpose of data collection, without prejudice to the requirement to seek your express informed consent data when deemed compulsory.

For additional information on personal data processing carried out by the Data Controllers through this Website and especially on how interested parties can exercise their rights, please refer to the Privacy Policy on this Website.

Lastly, if you should have any problem related to the use of cookies and similar technologies put in place by the Data Controllers for this Website, please contact the Data Protection Delegate for the Data Controllers at the following email